a while

December 4, 2011

sometimes it just takes a moment.

for the happiness to be. 

just observe that 

a moment

can take many forms. it isn’t about the moment you are looking for. it’s that moment that just is.

it is what it IS and it’s a moment.


and sometimes it just takes a moment.

for the happiness to be. 



106    Without stirring abroad

One can know the whole world;

Without looking out of the window

One can see the way of heaven.

The further one goes

The less one knows.

107    Therefore the sage knows without having to stir,

Identifies without having to see,

Accomplishes without having to act.



A day is made of two parts

February 18, 2011

Many years ago I was fascinated by Buddhism and the many principles leading to peace and happiness. There was one in particular which I have often thought about; the principle of two parts.

A bad day is considered a predetermined evil ending only when you close your eyes. Completely relinquishing all control and responsibility for happiness..  the day is handed over to ‘what may be’. The Buddhists I read about believed that days have two parts; the first half and the second half. They advised you should always take time at the crossing between the two parts to reflect on what has been so far. By following this simple principle you can either change the tone and direction of the day  or spend a moment in gratitude. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, make today wonderful.


February 15, 2011

We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting. Kahlil Gibran.


February 14, 2011


In 2005 my daughter was born and it was the most beautiful moment of my life. Although it may sound prosaic, it will always be so. She came from a need stronger than anything else. There was not much rationale behind my decision to have a child when I did, it was an instinct; one so extensive I had to become it. Carrying her life in me, I was conscious that I was carrying her dreams, her future. It is a while until that changes, but for now I am happy to protect and guide. As parents we complain over unceasing whinging, crying and both real and imagined difficulties our children face… but the day she cries out to me with adult emotion will be a moment I don’t think I can prepare myself for. Instead I prepare her for all the moments of joy she is going to experience. Giving your children permission to be happy is a great gift.

I started a relationship with a man with children, and my daughter was placed in the role of guiding and influencing two younger boys. With the youngest not yet walking, she seemed so big and capable and so we treated her as such. She was only three and still just my baby about to leave the days of nappies behind her. Three was a difficult age and their three different sets of needs were all changing month by month. I could barely keep up, but we joked about how with one down, there were two to go.

The youngest just turned four. He says a mischievous jeg elsker deg, and I become sentimental. At 4, almost 5 & 6 they are good kids. They are healthy, happy, they love one another, they fight, they don’t eat, they eat everything. They run riot around the house leaving a trail of peace behind them which wouldn’t otherwise be there. They ask for programmes which they don’t watch, and the other child’s toy is always the one they must have. They want to teach us absolutely everything they have ever processed, but they give us a fraction of the time in which to process it. They are tiring, joyous, loud, present, beautiful, loving, loved children. On his fourth birthday I wish for him to remain a child for a long, long time.


pay it forward

February 11, 2011

Mother Teresa said “The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.”

My daughter and I walked haltingly past a bus stop. The ground was masked in thick, glossy ice. I looked up to see the expression of a man change from nonchalance to despair. Paralleling his gaze and movements I picked up the scattered handbag from the ground as he picked up the scattered woman. I hadn’t heard her fall, but I had heard his “Å nei.. å nei.. å nei..”. If I had seen it from afar I might have assumed she was his own mother. Still holding her, he was concerned about her bones, her head, her spirit. To live in a society where people help others up is expected and appropriate. To live in a society where people feel sorrow for not having prevented hurt is humanity and a creation of happiness. I don’t know this man, I haven’t spoken with him. I wouldn’t recognise him on the street if I were to pass him again. But, I know that he makes it an interest to help people before they need help. I was comforted we were walking the same path as him.

Oprah is spreading her pay it forward movement across the world. Pay forward what you have. Hope, humour, literature, lessons. Forgiveness, affection, support, trust. Share your friends, your activities, your time.

my happiness is here.

February 10, 2011

picking fresh basil leaves with their scent on my fingers; recommending a book before I have even finished it; sipping tea day or night, preferably in large colourful floral mugs; sharing coffee with someone new; the birth of a mother; entire paths changed by a sentence; bursts of laughter; sunshine after rain; rain after sunshine; an ambulance driving slowly; justice in all of its glory; womanhood; my love kissing my forehead; my little love kissing my cheek; being in alignment with timing; authenticity as a priority; the first steps out of an airport; seeing your skin glisten in the sauna; showing your body appreciation by stretching; showing someone else’s body appreciation through love making; tidying away the intricate & purpose-filled dolls, homes & narratives my daughter has fallen asleep dreaming of; walking in new areas; finding understanding in what couldn’t be understood; watching someone live their passion; watching someone find their passion; contributing to their passion; falling in love with someone you already know; walking barefoot in the morning over my carpet from morocco; men having their shoes polished outdoors; the moment between ‘will you marry me?’ and ‘yes’; having someone stroke my back; chain-reaction of finding a new author which leads to finding another new author; watching children fly their kites;  my daughter and myself wrapped in cocoa butter & towels; red wine; finishing a project; to-do lists; fresh sheets; reading interior design magazines; children blowing the candles out on their birthday cakes; growing older; underground societies; new stationary; my daughter running into ballet class; people dancing to Koffi Olomide.

give time to yours.


February 8, 2011

: the emotion of great happiness

: you

echo of joy

: the emotion of great happiness reproduced

: your vibrations